Countrier than thou

January 7, 2007 at 9:39 pm (lyrics)

These lyrics have a lot to say about the nuances of country music imaging.

Robby Fulks
Album: Georgia Hard
Song: Countrier than Thou

countrier than thou
countrier than thou
you whatdnt raised in a shack
so you better not act so countrier than thou
some people just don’t understand it
if you come from where the kudzoo grows
they think the south is like a planet
of peckerwoods and bozos
when i was young i picked some tubers
even took a swig of moonshine
but i never saw so many goobers
until the day i crossed that line

countrier than thou
countrier than thou
you wasn’t born in a cave
so you better not behave
so countrier than thou

down at the bar a spinnin haggard
he wore a johnny red tattoo
overalls, he spat and swaggered
lord, he was boston jew
he loved bluegrass, oh, brother
when I said shania he sneered
that’s a word I wouldn’t utter
we like to keep it downhome up here

countrier than thou
you ain’t never read your bible
tell me was your bi-ball ?
countrier than thou


yeah, home is nice
and dixie is nice
and everyone likes a thang that’s nice
but everybody likes you better by far
when you are what you are

not a hillbilly dilettante
fairweather hick
gimmee cloth foam faux fox
well read neck
robert e come lately
hayseed wanabee
undercover yankee
alabama you’re
50% less tarheel
armchair arkansan

He’s got a ranch. He wears to stetson
he’s a hip shooting ex-oil king
even talks like buddy epsen
but he’s sitting in the west wing
frankenstein, i’m well aware of
but won’t somebody please explain
how you get a county sherrif
walking with a frat boy’s brain

countrier than thou
countrier than thou
well you went to andover
what’s the banjo for
countrier than thou

lost white trash!


1 Comment

  1. Lane said,

    It’s something like “Demi-clyde” followed by “Faux Po’.” Also, “Alabamateur,”

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